About Vikela Steel Projects

Vikela Steel Projects – Manufacturers of Quality Security Products. A fully equipped factory with qualified manufacturing staff, we are able to cut out the middleman, offering a versatile range of security products manufactured to suit all individual needs and ensure maximum security.

Our range includes high quality steel expandable and swing gates, burglar bars and barriers. We also offer and install automated garage doors that are available in a range of colours and designs to suit the clients requirements. Manufacuring of driveway gates in different designs are expertly installed and automated. The option for electric fence installation and service on all above mentioned products are also available at Vikela Stel Projects.

Vikela Steel will work closely with the client to ensure that the projects run smoothly and the end product is of high quality and suit the clients needs and budget! Rest assured that your home is secured with our vast range of high quality products and as our client – have peace of mind that your family is protected and safe with excellently manufactured products.

vikela steel projects

Vikela Steel Products

vikela expandable security doors

  • 4 Sets of standard flights (diamond shaped crosses).
  • 19 x 19mm Upright square tubed.
  • 1 x Slamlock and 1 x hook lock for extra security.
  • Take up approximately 20% when stacked away.
  • Manufactured to size.

vikela burglar bars

  • 4 Sets of standard flights (diamond shaped crosses).
  • 19 x 19mm Upright square tubed.
  • All rivets are stainless steel.
  • Fixed barrier – can’t stack away.
  • Manufactured to size.

vikela electric fencing

  • Safer alternative than conventional walling
  • Flexible system
  • Quick installations
  • Effective and affordable barrier

vikela gates

  • Garage door installations and automations
  • Driveway gates and pedestrian gates and automations
  • Steel carports

Invest now in the safety of your home

Investing in invest in expandable or retractable security barriers is essential if you want to take your security measures to the next level.

Expandable and retractable hates can be customised making them the perfect security addition to your home. Quality retractable and expandable security have a long lifespan and cannot be broken or bent by intruders.

Security barriers must meet some requirements of structure and quality to obtain a high degree of certification.
Vikela Steel ensures that all our products are certified to the highest standards.

One cannot ignore that a good security barrier serves as a deterrent to thieves.


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