Slam Lock Trellis Doors

Retractable and Expandable Trellis Doors
and Security Gates for your Home

Trust the experts in trellis doors manufacturing. Security is the most important factor to a safe home. You need a product that you can depend on when you need to most. South Africans have for decades trusted trellis door security gates, for fast response and slam-lock features.

The Vikela Steel team has expert knowledge n the field of security gates. A retractable security barriers is an excellent line of defence. Vikela specialises in retractable security barriers for your home and business.

We offer a variety of types and sizes that will best suit your budget. our experienced team can help you choose the best option.

The Trellis Door Advantage

Retractable security gates offer homeowners peace of mind and better rest. Lowering our stress levels is important. With retractable securiy gates you can get beteer rest by knowing your home, family or business is safe.

A Vikela professional can help you create the best security for your home an family. We can easily convert your old security gates to expandable ones with fast turnaround time. Retractable security gates are useful physical barriers that delay burglars, act as a deterrent for break-ins and are effective barriers in emergencies. The bonus is that they are able to provide ventilation and visibility even when closed.

Top Quality Security

It is important to consider quality over price when installing a retractable security gate to ensure they are a long-term investment for you property. Vikela offers only the highest stadards of retractable security gates.

Our prices are competitive and quality is outstanding. Retractble security gates can also lower your insurance premiums.

Having your retractable security gate indoors also protects it from the weather, helping it to operate smoothly for a longer period of time.

If your retractable security gate is on the outside of your home, make sure to have it coated in a high-quality paint and clear debris from the bottom track regularly to maintain all moving parts.


Walkways and Stairs

Expandable security gates are great for walkways and stairs. They are an excellent barrier that does not take up too much space in narrower areas like passages.

vikela steel security doors

Our gates stack back to only ±20% of its original size, leaving you

with a clear vision when the gate is open and “tucked away”

Recent Trellis Doors Installations

  • 19x19mm x 1.6mm Square Tubing – Single row of Uprights – This ensures our gates strength and puts us right on top of our game when it comes to intruders.
  • 4 Rows of standard flights (X’s)
  • 2mm of Cover-strips to cover flights and add as additional security – making it more
  • Difficult to break through, not to mention the beautiful finish it adds to the final product
  • Sealed Roller Bearings with Unique formed top-track
  • Steel feet for greater durability and a maximum lifespan and security – no Plastic Parts
  • U-channel Top-track – making it impossible to tamper with sliding mechanism, also features an beautiful finish with no uneven tubes in sight.
  • Stainless steel rivets used at essential parts of gate
  • 2 x Starkey locks – inaccessible – 1 Slam lock for emergencies and 1 Hook lock for additional security
  • Powder-coated frame finish in a wide range of colours

What our clients have to say

Roos Trindade

Contract Aluminium Pty Ltd

I would like to thank you! I have been dealing with so many companies and I can honestly say that this has been the best service we have received!

Thank you for handling my order so efficiently, the phone calls to ensure we know when installations would take place and all the care that went into making sure we received what we had ordered on the day we expected it. The way you handled us was really far beyond what we have learnt to expect from suppliers.

Your company is very fortunate to have an employee like Arno that delivers this type of service and care for their customers. Again thank you! You have left a lasting impression for the company you represent and I can honestly say that you will be our first stop for all our orders.



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